My journey of discovery through Gamuda Scholarship

Tan Tho Wei 

I was awarded the Gamuda Scholarship in 2004 to pursue my study in Mechanical  Engineering at the University of Bath in the UK.

Four years later, I began my career with Gamuda as a Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Engineer and was entrusted with the role of M&E Construction Manager for MRT Kajang Line and subsequently MRT Putrajaya Line in 2015. 

In 2019, I had the opportunity to lead the Scholarship Working Committee (SWG) and work hand-in-hand with Yayasan Gamuda and the Group Talent Management team to enhance our scholar selection process and ensure the scholarship programme is aligned with our Group vision and goals. 

That opportunity has reinforced my passion for talent development, and I made a decisive career shift after spending 13 years on construction projects. Today, I oversee the broader aspect of people and organisational development through my current role, Head of Talent Management and Organisational Development (TMOD). 

Gamuda Scholarship primarily provides educational aid and sustainably contributes to community development. We have endeavoured to sponsor undergraduate education for deserving students since 1996. To-date we have given out approximately RM47.1 million worth of scholarships to 475 deserving students.  

Strengthening our
talent pipeline

Through Gamuda Scholarship, we identify high potential talents and fund their studies in reputable institutions, locally and internationally. The aid adds value to the recipients and subsequently to the Group when they start working. More than 30% of our working scholars are currently holding managerial and supervisory positions Group-wide.  

The list of sponsored courses has expanded in line with the Group’s growth. This year, we included courses such as Software Engineering, Computer Science, Environmental Science and Sustainability, as well as Occupational Safety and Health to ensure we have a healthy talent pipeline to support our digitalisation and ESG implementation, especially through the roll-out of our Gamuda Green Plan 2025. 

To get the right talents, we have strengthened the scholarship selection process along the way. We designed our in-house assessment workshops and involved internal leaders in assessing the candidates. We also invited prominent external leaders from both engineering and non-engineering spaces to be part of the panellists in the final interview which helps broaden our perspective in evaluating candidates. 

Our Talent Management team launched the Scholars’ Engagement and Development Programme (SEDP) in 2018. It is a structured three-year development programme that helps our scholars transition from fresh graduates to Gamuda’s employees by instilling them with the right skillsets and values through Gamuda Learning Centre. 

Our working scholars are deployed across various Business Units within the Group. We also have scholars attached to overseas projects in Taiwan, Vietnam and Australia for wider international exposure. 

What is different in
this year’s Gamuda Scholarship?

  • Despite the challenges posed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Group continues to provide scholarships to the right candidates. This year’s entire process of scholarship awards (from registration, shortlisting, group workshops, interviews and award ceremony) was conducted fully online
  • The list of sponsored courses has been extended beyond engineeringrelated courses to align with our ESG and digitalisation initiatives.  
  • We invited two external subject matter experts on ESG in our final interview session to broaden our perspective in selecting high-quality candidates. 

Tan Tho Wei , Head of Talent Management and Organisational Development (TMOD).

As a Gamuda Scholar, I am grateful to be part of this journey. I have met amazing people in Gamuda and am involved in exciting projects that I am proud to share with my friends and family. The Group provides me with both challenges and support, enabling me to grow and mature along the way. I believe Gamuda Scholarship is primed to continuously support individuals and sow the seeds of talent pool within our company.