Leaning in for digital engineering

Joyce Shamini  

Already BIM Level 2 certified since 2019, the KVMRT Underground (UG) team were some of the earliest Digital Engineering (DE) and BIM adopters in the region recognised for their award-winning in-house solutions.  

One breakthrough success was the BIMAR application,  an app that  allows real-world visualisation of  BIM design models on-site using Augmented Reality technology.  Captured in real time, the  app  will enable users to instantly  spot clashes or errors, thus preventing costly mistakes or reworks.   

This spirit of innovation had spread quickly in the Group. Today,  BIM Coordinator, Naresh Kumar,  and  Software Programmer, Li Meng Cheng, are working closely with Gamuda Land to implement a similar  BIMAR 2.0 variation of the app  for  building projects.   

Testing out the AR-powered application on a building project

Similarly, DE and BIM Head of Department,  Tony Joseph, who had played a key role in many of the MRT project’s innovations, is now taking the lessons learnt into  the  Penang  South Islands (PSI) Project for BIM ISO 19650 standards and deliverables mandated across the entire supply chain, from consultants, subcontractors to even their suppliers. 


Penang’s IT and BIM team (top) plus Project Management and QSHE team (bottom),
are all heavy DE and BIM users

“It’s more important than ever to establish a strong Digital Engineering framework, using tools like BIM and Cloud Analytics to achieve the best outcomes,” he added.  

Just recently, a digitalisation exercise that started two years back on the KVMRT UG project, converting drawing approvals into automated e-Drawings, had reported over 25,000 submissions registered. Complete with built-in software functions for approval, stamping, commenting, digital signatures and notification,  the move had accelerated collaboration between various parties besides reducing paper and printing-based tasks.


The interface of an internal common data environment (CDE) for shop drawing approvals

A web-based collaborative markup tool. Imagine how much impact would similar systems bring to a project like PSI, beginning from the drawing board and projected to last decades? The scale of the project alone necessitates a holistic digital engineering approach for effective project management 

As Tony said, “Our high-quality  BIM 3D models, compliance to international standards and comprehensive audits has been key to overall increased productivity and savings at the project sites.”