The drive towards BIM ISO 19650 certification

Joyce Shamini 

Officially ISO 19650 certified 

Just recently,  Gamuda Engineering  earned  its  ISO 19650 Part 1 and Part 2  certification the first time. Internationally recognised, the certification supersedes BIM Level 2 PAS 1192 the  UK’s highest  Building Information Modelling (BIM) compliance standard.   

Executive Director of  Gamuda Engineering, Lim Hui Yan congratulated the audited teams. The teams involved were from Gamuda Building Unit  and GAIA Residences of Gamuda Gardens, headed by BIM manager, Aloysies  Arrokiam  Nathan and Senior BIM engineer, Ng Xue Yinn.  

Lim Hui Yan (centre) and team receiving the audit certificate at an award ceremony hosted by BSI Malaysia on 2 November 2021 at Gardens Hotel, Mid Valley

With the certification, we are  now in  pole position for jobs that demand rigorous BIM specifications.   

Intensifying a BIM culture

Interestingly, GAIA Residences at Gamuda Gardens was one of the earlier buildings projects back in 2017 where BIM was first trialed alongside  Amber Residence from the twentyfive.7 township.  What did it take for these projects to achieve ISO 19650-readiness today?  

Before, in BIM rendering and after in actual construction for Amber Residence, twentyfive.7

The pilot of both projects brought the Product Management Unit, Project Management and Contracts and Commercial departments together to  implement BIM for  design and construction.  Despite  the low  BIM readiness of  the supply chain then,  the project teams’ persevered and are finally reaping the benefits of BIM adoption.  

BIM renderings of Gamuda Land developments, such as GAIA residences and Maya Bay Residence were featured in this BIM Studio explainer

BIM Manager,  Lydia  Nyomek  shared,  creating a lively BIM culture  required  a  steep change from  past  industry  norms. One example is the  previous practice  of  relying  on consultants heavily to generate 2D drawings and facilitate  design coordination. With BIM and its digital twin system, all parties  can  access the same information independently and play a proactive part in the construction validation process.   

Senior BIM M&E Engineer,  Nana  Andrea  added,  “We  learnt  that age wasn’t a barrier and sometimes people just lacked the confidence  to pick up the software skills or have unfounded perceptions of  BIM being technically complicated.”  

One of the tens of BIM workshops held by Lydia and the team

“Hence with  regular training, handholding exercises,  and constant technical support to the  team, we overcame these  limiting beliefs  together and saw  significant improvement in BIM  utilisation. It  was gratifying to see  staff  that  had zero BIM knowledge  at first eventually  running  live  BIM presentations to upper management on their own,” Lydia  enthused.   

At the linchpin is the BIM committee, an initiative of Gamuda Excellence Transformation under Pillar 4 of Gamuda Green Plan 2025. Headed by experts across various business units such as Aloysies, the BIM committee is charged with driving BIM  excellence  Group-wide for sustainable growth.  

Aloysies elaborated, “At the heart of BIM excellence is a PROCESS to ensure good governance of our data and workflows. This enables a much more seamless and productive journey throughout the construction life cycle.”   

Top on its list of priorities, the BIM committee strives to standardise Group-wide BIM implementations, develop BIM inspired innovations, conduct vendor evaluations for BIM readiness, and more.  

To read more what our BIM colleagues are up to, check out the official GET blog for the BIMspiration series!   

Leaning in for digital engineering

Already BIM Level 2 certified since 2019, the KVMRT Underground (UG) team were some of the earliest Digital Engineering (DE) and BIM adopters in the region recognised for their award-winning in-house solutions.  

Sterling report card for MGKT once again from British Safety Council (BSC) Five-Star Audit

As the MRT Putrajaya Line project nears completion, the MMC Gamuda KVMRT (MGKT) team has once again been recognised with an impressive result in the British Safety Council (BSC) Five-Star Audit, recording a resounding score of 98.1 percent for 2021.

Job updates from our colleagues in the Group

Being a global engineering and construction company, we have been awarded multiple contracts from around the world. 

Furthering our ESG journey 

Since publishing our first Sustainability Statement in 2016, we have taken huge strides and achieved progress in disclosing our environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters.  

Access to education for all 

According to UNICEF, over five million children in Malaysia were unable to attend any in-school education due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This led to them losing interest in their studies from the lack of motivation and stagnancy of not attending classes for a prolonged period.

Acknowledging heroes of tough time

The annual Star Golden Hearts Award (SGHA) and the coveted Gamuda Inspiration Award (GIA) by Yayasan Gamuda and The Star celebrate selfless Malaysians who demonstrate extraordinary dedication to social and community works. 

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