Be generous with thank you

Sheena Wong 

I recount an instant relief to see our tea lady coming to clean the used glassware in our meeting room. It was certainly helpful at that moment as I had to run for another meeting.  Terima kasih kak,” was the only way I could extend my gratefulness. I’m sure this rings a bell as we have all been aided by security guards, cleaners and technicians in some ways. 

While getting up close and personal with a few general workers for this feature, I could tell that they were genuinely delighted whenever I expressed appreciation for their services. Let’s not underestimate the power of acknowledging their contribution, and being generous to thank our workers in the office. 

Wishing all Gamudians and our general workers, Happy Labour Day and Selamat Hari Raya! 

Mohd Sabri, a devoted senior technician from Terengganu has worked with Gamuda for more than ten years. It is common to see him carrying a ladder or toolbox, fixing light bulbs and leaking pipes. Little did I know, Sabri is expecting his precious newborn in late June! 



Sometimes, our building maintenance guys work as a tag team to perform safety checks and repairs – Ahmad Khairuddin, the maintenance supervisor known as Din (standing), and Mohd Romzy, a senior technician. As both of them are from Kelantan, try practising Kelantanese dialect when you run into them at Menara Gamuda. 



Yuliani Ningsih is an amicable and diligent cleaner and tea lady – a favourite among Southgate’s MGKT staff. Aini, as she is fondly known, comes from Surabaya, Indonesia. Beneath her jovial demeanour, Aini is longing to visit home since the pandemic.


Working alongside Aini is Faidatus Sholehah from Surabaya, Indonesia, who joined about a year and a half ago. The pandemic has increased the workload of our cleaners with an increased frequency of cleaning and sanitisation works. Yet, Faidatus is grateful for the privilege of working in a safe and fair environment.



Yogendra Bhattarai and Bhupal Shing Rai are among the Nepalese security guards at our new Quayside Mall. You will find them manning the mall entrance, diligently reminding patrons to wear their face masks and maintain social distances.



A peek at our security guards performing their daily roll calls at Jade Hills. Roll call is a routine briefing for our safety personnel to report outstanding matters, handover their duties to the next shift and reinforce stern reminders to comply with the COVID-19 advisories at all times. 

 Photo courtesy of Sheena Wong, Rahyu Waris and Niko Ng.