Crowdsourcing the best ESG ideas

Sheena Wong 

Think about it, why do we, mankind, run competition for all the things we do? We would host a singing contest to find the best vocals, or the Olympics games to pick the best sports players.  For some of us, setting goals alone is not compelling enough to motivate ourselves to do better, but beating someone else is. The pursuit of victory has always led us to discover breakthroughs.

As for myself, last year’s Gamuda English Writing Contest had pushed me to write about the topic that I have always wanted to. It does not matter if we win the game in the end. The lessons and experience that we gain during the course would stay with us for years. 

That is the intent of the Climate Action Change (CAC) Programme, to empower Gamudians for innovative solutions to our climate crisis. The best, feasible suggestion will even get a chance to shine as a new business model for the Group. 

It’s time that we think of integrating climate strategies as an opportunity to build resilience and future proof our businesses. We need convincing net-zero innovation and hence, building knowledge on the topic is critical.  

The CAC Programme is driven by the Group’s pursuit in environmental, social and governance (ESG). Rolled out in April, it prepares participants with a series of learning materials and quizzes based on Bill Gates’ latest book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster. 

Only when we are empowered with knowledge, we can design creative yet realistic solutions to address the problems that we face.  

The best thing about the CAC Programme – it gears up Gamudians on the understanding of climate change, so that we can invite the best of the best ideas. At the same time, we will identify and build a pool of ESG subject matter experts (SMEs) to drive various Group-wide ESG initiatives. 

Let’s face it – a competitive mindset motivates us to excel and accelerate our growth. It is also the same agile and competitive readiness when we compete in future project tenders.