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Mass vaccination drives up
optimism among project staff

Joyce Shamini 

The MRT project was recently roped in as one of the first few beneficiaries of the MYMedic@Wilayah Vaccine Mobile Truck pilot project undertaken by the Ministry of Federal Territories. The programme is currently ongoing with more essential projects lined up.  

Among the first few recipients was Razminur’aina, a 26-year-old engineer based in MRT Kuala Lumpur East station, who received her first dose of Sinovac vaccine on 8 June 2021. Disappointed that she didn’t make it through the Astra Zeneca opt-in sessions previously, Razminur’aina made a beeline for the opportunity as soon as it was up for registration. Raz works closely with subcontractors and workers on the ground from a day-to-day basis, classifying her as a high-risk individual despite her young age and good health.  

Happy to receive their first round of protection.

“I was also very concerned for my elderly parents whom I live with,” she told us. “With the threat of becoming seriously ill with Covid-19 out of the way, I know that I am there for my parents, regardless of what happens.” Grateful that her colleagues and herself have been inoculated, Raz hopes that there will be more such opportunities ahead for those still waiting. 

As vaccines for the programme could only be released in 1,000-2,000 doses, it will be some time before the entire 17,000 members of the MRT workforce are inoculated. All business units are also independently looking at various channels, such as the SELANGKAH programme driven by the Selangor government and Construction Industry Vaccination Program (CIVac) by Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), for quicker vaccine dissemination to our workforce.  

Vaccinated or not, we must continue to follow all the SOPs and stay vigilant. Let’s do our part by staying safe and well-informed on the latest Group Covid-19 related updates on Workplace. 

Gamuda Clinic – Our own healthcare facility

Gamuda will soon unveil two clinics to serve Gamuda workforce and the public at two locations – Jalan Tiga Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin, Sungai Besi and Menara Gamuda. The establishment of Gamuda Clinic is currently in progress for opening in the next few weeks. It will provide a full range of quality healthcare services, such as vaccination, health assessment, medical treatment, disease screening, rehabilitation, emergency and preventive care.  

This is another initiative towards ensuring Gamuda community’s health and well-being while also providing care and services to the communities outside the company. Look out for the opening announcement on Workplace!