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Despite all odds, MRT Putrajaya Line project reaches major milestone

Adam Anand Row  

For over a year now, the world has been rocked by the Covid-19 pandemic, causing delays and shortages, and interrupting daily and economic life. We face a range of restrictions and new precautions that are essential for our safety, but challenging nonetheless. Despite these obstacles and hurdles, the MRT Putrajaya Line has remained on course, fuelled by the effort of our dedicated teams of engineers and workers who have been toiling away despite lockdowns and social distancing restrictions. Resilience and strength have been their strongest allies. The management team, led by Project Director Dato’ Ir Wong Wai Ching, deftly manoeuvred the pandemic situation with mitigation strategies to ensure work can continue uninterrupted. 

“The race to finish Phase 1 of the MRT Putrajaya Line is foremost in all of our minds. However, with workforce optimisation implemented across the Group, MMC-Gamuda was affected too. Thus, we have since modified approaches and adopted creative means of dealing with this constraint technically, operationally, contractually and programmatically. Ultimately, our objective was to attain the highest level of efficiency with cost-effective work approaches,” shared Dato’ Wong. 

The most definitive proof of the project’s progress is the impending launch of Phase 1 of the project involving the alignment between MRT Damansara Damai Station and MRT Kampung Batu Station. Fault Free Running (FFR) has been completed on a number of trains, and the final round of system migration works is scheduled to be carried by mid-July 2021. Once these works are completed, the Kwasa Damansara, Kampung Selamat and Sungai Buloh stations will have fully transitioned into becoming MRT Putrajaya Line stations ahead of the Phase 1 launch.

The eagle-eyed among you may have already noticed the new MRT Putrajaya Line Electric Trains (ETs) running along the stretch of tracks between MRT Kepong Baru and MRT Kg. Batu Station. These ETs are undergoing the final phase of operational testing ahead of the August 2021 launch date, during which Rapid Rail train operators familiarise themselves with the new train systems and how it operates integrating with the MRT Kajang Line. Station Staff also are undergoing hands-on training at the new MRT stations.

As excitement mounts for the Phase 1 launch, work is still underway on the remainder of the alignment, including the underground sections. For the rest of the year, these works will mainly involve installation and fitting out, including the architectural finishes in the stations, simultaneously introducing the M&E and Railway Systems works. While the journey is not over, we have reached a major milestone. Even more impressively, we have delivered on time and on schedule. Great work, Team! 

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The MRT project was recently roped in as one of the first few beneficiaries of the MYMedic@Wilayah Vaccine Mobile Truck pilot project undertaken by the Federal Territories Ministry.

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