Behind the Voices

by Sheena Wong

Amid the Movement Control Order (MCO), a small team came together virtually to make a motivating video, #GamudaLand We Will Pull Through. The entire production was coordinated remotely.
RISE spoke to the two vocals – Central Marketing and Sales (CMSD) Assistant Manager, Daniel Yue and CMSD Senior Administrator, Atika Dean. The duo spent extra hours over the night recording the cheery tunes.

What sparked the production?

A: It was drawn from a well-developed video by our Vietnam colleagues to showcase their preparedness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

D: We decided to jump on the wagon, so the team worked out a storyline for the video. At first, it was tough as the whole team was busy rolling out Gamuda Land’s Online Property Deals portal. Eventually, we managed to complete this song in the spirit of good teamwork.

How did the production go?

A: Smartphone was my only recording kit. Since I stayed with my family, I had to hide awkwardly, like next to a cupboard, to sing and record progressively.

D: I have a mic for recording and used Garage Band, a mobile app that edits and stitches our voices to the music. Then, we asked our colleagues to take footages from their home to make the video.

What got you into singing in the first place?

A: Singing has always been a way to express myself and let loose.

D: I discovered my passion for singing since going to church in my teen. I even participated in contests and auditions – and made my way to Top 60 in Astro Talent Quest!

Where do you showcase your vocal talents?

A: I only sing around people I’m comfortable with, so it’s mostly at get-togethers with my friends.

D: Music is my life! I sing all the time and would record them to share with my friends.

How does music get you through difficult times?

A: MCO involved a lot of adjustments to stay connected at work, so music is my sweet escape. Listening to certain genre of music calms me down, while some inspire and help me to focus better.

D: I use music and breathing exercises to deal with anxiety.

Would you share with us your favourite lyric that keeps you going?

A: “Can’t forget, we only get what we give” by New Radicals keeps me grounded in tough times.

D: “Every time I feel afraid, I hold tighter to my faith and I live one more day, I can make it through the rain” by Mariah Carey.

Video © Atika Dean; Audrey San; Christine Chong; Daniel Yue; Joyce Chan; Koay Wei Keat; Sanjay Madhav