Making waves in leisure and hospitality

Yuevern Loh

Expanding its Commercial Real Estate portfolio to include leisure and hospitality, Gamuda Land has been investing in exciting park attractions at existing and future townships. 

With the goal to be a leading trendsetter in the industry, the Leisure and Hospitality team at Gamuda Land has quite a few things up their sleeves. 

Starting from 2020 until 2024, there will be a total of two water-based attractions and two dry-based attractions at Gamuda Cove and Gamuda Gardens. Kicking things off was the launch of Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands (PIDW) and Big Bucket Splash in 2020. 

Being the first theme park project in Gamuda Land, the Big Bucket Splash in Gamuda Gardens is a children’s water park with water slides, shallow pools, water guns, rainforest animal characters and rain buckets. 

The water park has seen positive responses from residents and visitors from neighbouring areas, with tickets often sold out. Aside from being the go-to park for families to have fun in the sun, it is also an ideal venue for children’s birthday parties and school events.  

The Big Bucket Splash is part of the placemaking initiatives at Gamuda Gardens, designed to be a place where the community can come together and get to know one another. In Malaysia’s tropical climate, an outdoor water park like the Big Bucket Splash is suitable for both residents and visitors in the surrounding vicinity coming to enjoy the water park. As its popularity grows, the park has also received visitors across Klang Valley. 

Students from Sri Inai Kindergarten celebrating their Sports Day at Big Bucket Splash, Gamuda Gardens.

Co-existing with Nature

The jointly operated Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands (PIDW) by Gamuda Land and Wildlife and National Parks, Peninsular Malaysia (Perhilitan) will also promote eco-tourism in the Gamuda Cove area. PIDW consists of 11 lakes and is inhabited by around 60 crocodiles, four hippopotamuses, various resident and migratory birds as well as other small mammals. Visitors will get a chance to observe these animals from a safe distance, on the various tours PIDW has to offer. 

PIDW offers various tours into the wetlands for a first-hand experience of nature and its inhabitants. 

The 1,111-acre land and lake adjacent to Gamuda Cove will feature outdoor activities such as bird-watching, camping, hot-air balloon rides, boat cruises, and even dining at the wetlands in the near future. 

Rejinimala Gopal, Operations Manager (Leisure and Hospitality) said, “After being stuck at home for almost two years due to COVID-19-imposed lockdowns, people are inclined to engage in more outdoor activities. PIDW is only a short drive away from the city for a great way to immerse in nature while safeguarding the rich biodiversity of the forest reserve.” 

Rejinimala Gopal, Operations Manager (Leisure and Hospitality) said PIDW offers various activities that are both educational and recreational for visitors. 

Splashing our way to 2022

Leveraging on the experience from planning and launching the Big Bucket Splash, Gamuda Land began the development of SplashMania in Gamuda Cove, which is set to become Asia’s largest rainforest water theme park. 

Construction of the 18-acre theme park commenced at the end of 2019 but the idea of the project was first laid on the table in 2016. With over three years in the making, SplashMania will showcase 18 rides, all of which will be featured in Malaysia for the first time following The Global Association for the Attractions (IAAPA) safety standards. 

In line with the rainforest theme, around 70% of the theme park will be planted with tropical trees, shrubs and flora. 

Artist’s impression of SplashMania at Gamuda Cove that is set to launch at the end of 2022. 

When asked about the main challenges faced during the planning stages of SplashMania, Nadzmin Bin Razali, Head of Placemaking (Leisure and Hospitality) said, “Aside from the timeline running amok due to the pandemic, we’ve also had to source for experienced and capable talents to be on the SplashMania team.” 

“It wasn’t easy scouting for the pre-opening team. Still, we’ve managed to find colleagues who have theme park and leisure experiences and were part of the pioneering team from other major water theme parks in Malaysia. Having them on board and leveraging on their past experiences were crucial in making sure SplashMania becomes the stepping stone for a hive of tourism activities in Gamuda Cove and other Gamuda Land townships,” he added.  SplashMania is targeted to open at the end of 2022. 

Nadzmin Bin Razali, Head of Placemaking (Leisure and Hospitality) with the hot-air balloons that will soon be open to the public at Gamuda Cove. 

The Leisure and Hospitality team is also planning the first indoor water park in Gamuda Gardens, the Big Play Park. In 2020, Gamuda Land signed a partnership agreement with Skyline Enterprises to develop Malaysia’s first Luge Activity Park in Gamuda Gardens. One of the activities offered is the Skyline Luge, a gravity-fuelled single-person ride that allows visitors to control their descent from the top of the 40m elevated hill site.  

The partnership with Skyline Enterprise reaffirms Gamuda Land’s forward thinking and placemaking in its developments where residential, commercial and recreational elements are blended seamlessly. The Skyline Luge has just commenced construction and is targeted to open in September 2023. 

With a wide range of attractions to choose from, Gamuda Land aims to be the best leisure and hospitality provider in the region.