August 2022

August 2022 – Gamuda Rise Newsletter


“Let us always remember that unity is our fundamental strength as people and as a nation”
- Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj,  First Prime Minister of Malaysia 

In conjunction with Malaysia’s 65th Merdeka Day, we spoke to Gamuda employees in our homeland and abroad tracing their journey in discovering new cultures and fresh perspectives.  

Sakinah reflects on what independence and freedom at work truly mean.

Meet Kim Meng as he offers a poignant reflection of his 15 years’ journey at Gamuda and his optimism for Taiwan

In just 3 months, Joe Shi, a transfer employee from Malaysia and Eileen, a native Singaporean created a trusting work relationship.

Packing up their lives into a few suitcases was no easy feat for Jabbar and Marissa. Yet, it did not stop the newly-minted couple from exploring the Land Down Under.  

Siti Ezyana (second from left) and her team ensure effective corporate governance is practised by all Gamudians.

Not All Rules Are Made to Be Broken

Fighting bribery, combatting corruption and tackling unscrupulous behaviour has always been challenging for organisations. However daunting, each of us has a crucial role in upholding good corporate governance. Siti Ezyana Syed Jaafar, Chief Integrity and Governance Officer (CIGO) of the Integrity and Governance Unit, speaks in quiet tones and moves.

Corporate governance in simple words.

Despite sounding like a hefty word, corporate governance simply means a system of rules, practices and processes by which a company is directed and controlled 

The speed of corporate governance in Malaysia.

We are neither far ahead nor behind. Currently, more companies are implementing corporate governance. Despite the diligent enforcement, there is still a lack of awareness regarding the rules and regulations. We need to work on this.  

Corporate governance is the building block of building resilience.

Corporate governance governs us from committing any form of wrong acts. Good governance promotes ethical business practices, which will help gain our investors’ trust and confidence, ultimately leading us to financial viability and growth.  

Everybody is responsible for good corporate governance.

All members of the organisation need to be propelled in one direction. The top management’s responsibility is to ensure that the rules and policies are established and implemented accordingly. Meanwhile, employees are required to understand the essence of good governance and practise it daily.   

Defining our journey thus far, and what have we done to shake up the governance.

Governance has always been a part of our operations. In 2018, the Malaysian government made it compulsory for all government-linked companies and government offices to have IGU, and that was when we decided to establish this unit officially.  

Establishing the unit was not an easy task due to the lack of awareness. However, it was all made possible thanks to our predecessor’s commitment and support from the MACC and our top management.  

We have established and revamped several procedures – anti-bribery and corruption policy, whistleblowing policy, declaration by third party business associates, gift and benefits policy, conflict of interest declaration and codes of business ethics with group human resources.  

We conducted our first corruption risk assessment, integrity forensics assessment and integrity pledge for our directors and employees. 

What’s Next?

The Incredible Hands Behind the #OneMillionTrees

Planting trees sounds easy – dig a hole, put a tree seedling in the ground, cover it with soil, and voila, you have done your part to save the planet. But is it that simple?  

As one of the key members of the #OneMillionTrees initiative, Wee Cheng Yeo, General Manager of Landscape, Gamuda Land has been painting the town green for most of his life. Yet, every tree teaches him something new every day.  

Launched in 2020 and in line with the Gamuda Green Plan 2025, the #OneMillionTrees is aimed to preserve and promote the country’s biodiversity by planting one million trees across Gamuda Land townships by 2023. As we approach our one-million-mark, Wee talks about his inspiration for these limitless green canopies.  

Mr. Wee inspecting a tree marked “needing attention” at the nursery in Gamuda Gardens.

The transformative green potential to infinite possibilities.

As a kid, I helped out in my family’s backyard garden, where we grew vegetables. Later, I pursued a degree in agriculture, studying oil palm plantations and rubber estates which suited my early upbringing in a rubber estate. However, my first job in Puchong sparked my interest in urban settings. That was when I re-aligned my career path towards landscaping with a focus on urban-based tree planting.

How did the #OneMillionTrees initiative come about?

During one of the meetings discussing Penang South Islands’ tree requirements and planting works, our Group Managing Director, Dato’ Lin Yun Ling, suggested the #OneMillionTrees initiative. Fast forward, we are now at the implementation stage.  

Trees of various species and sizes are arranged systematically for grow-out at the Gamuda Gardens’ nursery site.

Dreaming green to making it green takes several key steps.

The first technique is to grow the trees by containerising the sapling or seedlings in polybags and later planting them at our development site. This will reduce the transplanting shock and enhance the survival percentage. The following technique is to grow the seedlings and saplings directly on the grounds of our development site and continue monitoring them for two to three years. This is a modification of the Miyawaki Technique to suit our conditions. 

Why the Miyawaki Technique?

It is an afforestation method pioneered by a Japanese botanist and ecologist, Akira Miyawaki. It involves planting four or more trees per square metre using native species to restore degraded land. Since these saplings are planted close together, they grow rapidly as they compete for light. The degraded soil will be treated with mulching, water retention basins and organic compost to support the plants’ growth. Miyawaki forests grow under maintenance in two to three years and are self-sustaining after that 

Being versatile with gardening tools, you also hold a pen creatively, having published two mini guidebooks on tree planting.

I wrote the books to share my knowledge and inspire others, especially my team members, to see trees differently. The books cover about 115 species and provide information on tree identification and “treevias”.

For Gamudians grabbing a spade with gusto, Wee has some tips for your green fingers.

Trees and plants are not only good for the environment but also therapeutic. You can begin with succulent plants. Before deciding on planting a tree, it is important to check with credible sources on the growth habits of the particular tree species and the potential hazard against where the tree is to be planted. If you cannot plant trees around your house, you can always participate in any tree planting campaign. 

Mr. Wee and the #OneMillionTrees Nursery team members at Gamuda Gardens conducting a briefing and inspection session.

A groupfie during a tree identification exercise at Gamuda Cove Central Park.


The Gamuda x Google Hackathon 2022 was recently organised by Google Cloud and its partner, Cloud Mile Inc. The hackathon put theory into practice and focused on creating innovative and high-impact workplace solutions using Cloud technologies such as computer vision and machine learning. Known for some of the best Cloud computing services in the market, Google shared its experience and technical expertise needed to inspire and support the participants in developing their prototypes.  

With only two weeks to deliver the solution, many of the projects proved to hold a strong business case and will be developed further by the teams for real-world implementation across Gamuda. By the end of the hackathon, Gamudians with little prior background in programming or Cloud technologies now feel empowered to tackle workplace challenges with what they’ve learnt and experienced through the programme. 

Read more about the event and the winning teams.

For more info about programmes to enhance your digital skills, visit GET Portal or email Sachdave Singh at 


The Sydney Metro West – Western Tunnelling Package team has sailed past 100 working days on the project, achieving several significant milestones along the way including finalising our Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) and Environmental Protection Licence (EPL). This means we are now into permanent works with construction of the diaphragm wall at Rosehill. This was also enabled thanks to a great effort by the design team who obtained Network Assurance Committee approval in record time. 

To celebrate these early achievements, on 18 August, a lively sunset cruise was spent taking in the iconic scenery of Sydney Harbour, bringing the team together with a view towards ongoing success.   

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Gamuda Clinic at Menara Gamuda
Accessible Medical Services for All Employees

Our second branch, Gamuda Clinic at Menara Gamuda is now open following the first clinic which was at Sungai Besi. 

Medical Care and Services: 
General Consultation (free)Chronic Illness CareVaccinationFomema / Government Required ScreeningInfectious Disease ScreeningOHD Basic Health ScreeningECG ScreeningUltrasound StudiesEmergency Services24/7 Ambulance ServicesWound ManagementMinor SurgeryGeneral Skin CareGeneral Antenatal CareElderly CareHealth EducationLaboratory Tests 

Gamuda Green Plan

As a Group, we pledge to conduct our business in a sustainable manner by tackling climate change and establishing limits to our carbon emissions.

Need a refresher on Gamuda Green Plan? 

Click on the pillars.

Sustainable Planning and Design, and Circular Construction

Our Community is Our Business

Environmental and Biodiversity Conservation
Enhancing Sustainability via Digitalisation


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