Let’s Go, ESG!

Yue Vern Loh

In an effort to promote Gamuda’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and its Gamuda Green Plan 2025 (GGP 2025), the first Let’s Go ESG event for Gamudians was held at Gamuda Gardens’ Central Park, recently. 

With a lineup of outdoor activities such as Compost Champion, Bio-SWELL, Pedal Power, Miyawaki’s Legacy and Tree Hunt, participants spent the day learning the basics of the ESG initiatives that drive us towards achieving our GGP 2025 goals. 

Teams ready to begin the game equipped with different modes of transportation which were assigned based on the ice-breaker session.

Participants at the Pedal Power station learn the benefits of renewable energy by taking turns riding the stationary bicycle to light up a LED bar. 

Aside from educating staff on ESG and our commitments to sustainability, the event served as a good team-building exercise to boost employees’ mental and physical wellbeing. “This event was a great opportunity for Gamudians to meet and mingle with colleagues from other townships, especially after almost two years of lockdown and working from home,” Jess Teng, Gamuda Land Executive Director of Product Management and member of the organising committee said.  

“Staff from certain departments such as admin and finance team, may not be directly involved in the township-wide implementation of ESG initiatives. Hence the event provided an opportunity for them to learn more about it,” she continued. 

Participants were split into teams and were given different modes of transportation, such as buggy cars, e-bikes, scooters and tandem bicycles, based on their results in the ice-breaker game. Wong Ee Kang, Gamuda Cove Assistant Manager of Marketing, was in the team that placed last and had to walk from one station to another throughout the event.  “Initially, we thought being the group to start without any vehicles would be a disadvantage to us as the stations are located across the large Central Park. However, when we started walking along the proper walkway shaded by trees, we found it quite comfortable,” he said. 

At the Bio-Swell station, participants learn how to filter lake water using simple materials found at home.

All smiles from Jess Teng (fourth from left) and the winning team after receiving mini terrariums to encourage indoor greenery and a sustainable miniature ecosystem. 

Through Compost Champion, the participants experienced first-hand how easy it is to compost their food waste at home. One of the participants, Reza Azahari, Gamuda Land Senior Executive of Administration, said, “I never realised how simple it is to compost my food waste at home. Even if I don’t compost at home, I can bring the waste to the office, as we have compost bins all over Menara Gamuda. By practising this simple step, I am doing my part to help reduce carbon emissions and turn my food waste into fertilisers that can be used across Gamuda Land townships.” 

There will be more ESG-related events coming up soon, so stay tuned!