2023 July

Our MRT Stories: Conversations with Project Managers – Chew Say Hong

Our MRT Stories: Conversations with Project Managers - Chew Say Hong

We continue our mini-series with Chew Say Hong, the project manager for the Hospital Kuala Lumpur MRT Station. Let’s hear from Say Hong as he shares about a new method that was used in the construction of the underpass connecting the station to the hospital, as well his dream sports team.

2023 July

Sustainable Constructions and Real Estate Knowledge Exchange

Sustainable Construction and Real Estate Knowledge Exchange

The “Embracing Sustainability in Construction and Real Estate” symposium organised by The Edge Malaysia and YTL Cement aims to drive awareness of sustainable construction while serving as a platform for industry players to discuss and address sustainable construction needs. Ts. Lim Hui Yan, Executive Director of Gamuda Engineering and Jess Teng, Executive Director of Gamuda Land, represented the Group in the symposium and discussed innovative solutions brought on by Digital IBS and the importance of sustainable developments. 

Myth vs Reality : Innovative Solutions of Next-Gen Digital IBS 

by Ts. Lim Hui Yan, Executive Director of Gamuda Engineering 

With next-gen Digital IBS, digital construction can enhance sustainability: 

  • 40% reduction in embodied carbon  
  • 55% reduced reliance on foreign labour 
  • Upskilling local talent 
  • Utilises robotic, cloud and smart technology  
  • Eliminates redundancies, defects, overlaps and resource wastage 
  • High precision and accuracy enable creativity and flexibility in design 
Navigating Risks, Finding Opportunities: Buying Into Sustainable Development 

by Jess Teng, Chief Operating Officer of Gamuda Land  

Green builds such as Gamuda Cove are facilitated by sustainable master planning featuring:  

  • Climate-responsive design  
  • Integrated transport  
  • Low energy buildings  
  • Smart features  
2023 July

West Hampstead Central: A perfect blend of heritage and contemporary

Getting To Know Our Project 

West Hampstead Central: A perfect blend of heritage and contemporary 

Nestled in the heart of London’s vibrant West End Lane and a stone’s throw away from Hampstead Village lies a new Gamuda Land development that pays tribute to English heritage and contemporary design.  

Drawing inspiration from the elegant mansion blocks of the area, the design exudes timeless charm. The red brick façade and aluminium windows pay homage to the local architectural aesthetic with their simple colour palette and repeated shapes. Delicate brick patterns and balconies adorned with wrought iron railings further enhance the connection to the neighbourhood’s rich heritage.  

West Hampstead Central will also feature combined commercial and retail space on the ground floor, opening out onto West End Lane and Potteries Path. 

This exclusive collection of 101 one and two-bedroom apartments embodies the distinctive style of West Hampstead. Its enviable location is a mere walking distance from independent shops, bars, restaurants and cafes, boutique gyms, fitness studios, art galleries and more, with easy access to tree-lined streets and beautiful green spaces. Finchley Road, home to supermarket branches and Hampstead Village, are approximately one mile away.  

A well-connected location on vibrant West End Lane and close to Hampstead Village, benefiting from fast links into central London and leafy parks and squares nearby, West Hampstead Central offers an exceptional place to live with convenience in a famous London borough rich in culture and heritage.  


West Hampstead Central fuses local heritage with contemporary design which focuses on sustainability, where natural light is maximised to each apartment, and thoughtfully planned green spaces for the residents. 

Rising five floors above ground level, the design of West Hampstead Central also embraces the future with mindfully thought-out modern building techniques for greater energy efficiency and sustainability features. Natural light is maximised for every unit, and the community will have that connection to nature through extensive landscaping within and surrounding the development.   

The local neighbourhood of West Hampstead itself is a treasure trove of artistic heritage. Keats House, the former residence of poet John Keats, offers a glimpse into his creative world, while Burgh House and Fenton House provide venues for exhibitions, concerts, and other cultural events.  

The nearby Hampstead Heath, Parliament Hill, and Primrose Hill offer breathtaking natural landscapes, creating a harmonious balance between urban and natural beauty. 

Well-supported by overground, rail and tube stations within a 2-min walking distance, travelling for work or leisure is easy, offering residents easy access to the city’s top attractions and neighbourhoods.  

Living at West Hampstead Central allows the whole city to become your playground, waiting to be explored! 


2023 July

Exciting New TVET Course For Next-Gen Digital IBS Unveiled

Exciting New TVET Course For Next-Gen Digital IBS Unveiled

This public-private partnership between Gamuda and VTAR shows how industry and education providers can collaborate to create a more effective TVET course. 

Earlier this month we signed an MoU with VTAR Institute (VTAR), a prominent private vocational training institution, to launch a new Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) course for next-gen Digital Industrialised Building System (Digital IBS), the first for Malaysia. 

Through this programme, Gamuda will collaborate with VTAR to create the Certificate in Digital Manufacturing in Construction Program. The first intake for this programme will be in September 2023.  

This public-private partnership between Gamuda and VTAR is expected to deliver 600 trainees in the next five years and is a significant milestone in our shared commitment to developing a robust, future-proof front-line workforce in the construction industry. 

It is also a great example of how private entity and education providers can collaborate to create a more effective TVET system.  

  After all, the construction industry is one of the largest employers in Malaysia, and we must have a skilled workforce to meet the demands of the industry.  

Arguably, the construction industry is undergoing a rapid transformation driven by digitisation, automation, and artificial intelligence. This means that the skillsets required in TVET must adapt to meet these shifting demands. However, the traditional TVET model cannot always keep up with the changing needs of the industry.  

For example, the construction industry increasingly uses digital technologies to automate the construction process. This means that TVET graduates need to be equipped with the skills to work with these technologies.  

This RM30 million collaboration between Gamuda and VTAR will help address this challenge by providing a customised TVET programme tailored to the construction industry needs.  

This also aligns with the Government’s vision to make Malaysia a fully developed industrial nation.  

It is a customised 24-month training programme, open to all Malaysian students. The programme will consist of three months of soft skills training in VTAR, followed by 21 months of on-the-job training with the actual work environment and final assessment at our next-gen Digital IBS factory in Banting. The TVET trainees will be equipped with Gamuda’s digital design and robotic manufacturing expertise. 

By providing our workforce with the skills they need, we can help to make the industry more productive, efficient, and sustainable.  

A more productive construction industry will mean we can build more infrastructure and housing faster and cheaper. A more efficient construction industry will mean we can use fewer resources and produce less waste.  A more sustainable construction industry will mean that we can build structures that are more resilient to climate change. 

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2023 July

Meet The Masterminds Behind Our Waterpark’s Design

Meet the Masterminds Behind
Our Waterpark's Design

Brace yourselves for the ultimate water adventure and dive into the aquatic wonderland that is SplashMania Waterpark (SplashMania)! 

Nestled within the vibrant township of Gamuda Cove, SplashMania had its grand launch recently, inaugurated by caretaker Menteri Besar of Selangor, Dato’ Seri Amirudin Bin Shari. 

That means 39 waterslides and thrilling attractions are now open to the public.

With the grand launch of SplashMania, all 39 exhilarating water slides and attractions are open to the public.

“SplashMania Waterpark has put the South of Selangor on the map and breathed new life into the region,” shared Amirudin, highlighting its contribution to the state’s Integrated Development Region as part of the First Selangor Plan. 

Since its soft opening in February 2023, SplashMania has welcomed over 75,000 monthly visitors, leaving a splash-tastic impression on domestic and regional tourism markets.  

Tan Sri Dato’ Setia Haji Ambrin Bin Buang, Chairman of Gamuda Berhad, emphasised that SplashMania’s success goes beyond its visitor numbers. It synergistically interacts with the various ecotourism offerings within Gamuda Cove, transforming the area into a major attraction! 

Last month, the waterpark bagged three awards at the Malaysian Association of Themepark and Family Attractions (MATFA) Golden Horse Awards 2023: Waterpark of the Year 2023, Best New Water Attraction and Best Theme Park – Environment & Sustainability Initiative.

SplashMania’s Exhilarating Water Rides 

The much-anticipated addition of Malaysia’s first Virtual Reality Waterslide, Atlantis VR, will take your breath away. And that’s not all—thrill-seekers will be ecstatic to discover the newest high-speed additions, Monsta and Twista waterslides, are equipped with heart-racing twists and turns that will leave you begging for more!  

And for the ultimate rush, daredevils will be captivated by The Wild Rush, a classic body water slide that contains thrilling twists and 360° loops that ends with a dive into a three metre pool. A wild rush, indeed! 

Behind the scenes, SplashMania’s construction was a labour of love that took nearly two years to complete. The main work package for SplashMania started in November 2020. 

Only the world’s top suppliers, renowned for their quality and established safety standards, were selected to ensure the utmost quality and safety of the water slides.  

The designs were crafted by Canadian slidemakers, ProSlide Technologies, and Turkey’s Polin Waterparks, who have worked on iconic projects like Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai and Disney Typhoon Lagoon, as well as Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas Cruise Waterpark and The Wave Coventry, respectively. The park’s theming was expertly executed by Pico Play, a renowned agency.   

So, dear adventurers and waterpark enthusiasts, seize the day and embark on an unforgettable journey to SplashMania Waterpark in Gamuda Cove.

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Be sure to try out the Atlantis VR, Malaysia’s first virtual reality waterslide.

Image 6 (LR)

The waterpark is a great place for families, friends or just solo visitors looking for some aquatic fun.

2023 July

Our MRT Stories: Conversations with Project Managers – Ngan Yew Teng

Our MRT Stories: Conversations with Project Managers - Ngan Yew Teng

We conclude our mini-series with Ngan Yew Teng, the project manager for the Sentul Barat MRT station (2021-2023) and the assistant manager for Bukit Bintang MRT station (2016-2017). Yew Teng shares one of his earliest memories during the construction of the Bukit Bintang MRT station, as well as what he’ll do if he had the power to turn back time.