Sustainable Construction and Real Estate Knowledge Exchange

The “Embracing Sustainability in Construction and Real Estate” symposium organised by The Edge Malaysia and YTL Cement aims to drive awareness of sustainable construction while serving as a platform for industry players to discuss and address sustainable construction needs. Ts. Lim Hui Yan, Executive Director of Gamuda Engineering and Jess Teng, Executive Director of Gamuda Land, represented the Group in the symposium and discussed innovative solutions brought on by Digital IBS and the importance of sustainable developments. 

Myth vs Reality : Innovative Solutions of Next-Gen Digital IBS 

by Ts. Lim Hui Yan, Executive Director of Gamuda Engineering 

With next-gen Digital IBS, digital construction can enhance sustainability: 

  • 40% reduction in embodied carbon  
  • 55% reduced reliance on foreign labour 
  • Upskilling local talent 
  • Utilises robotic, cloud and smart technology  
  • Eliminates redundancies, defects, overlaps and resource wastage 
  • High precision and accuracy enable creativity and flexibility in design 
Navigating Risks, Finding Opportunities: Buying Into Sustainable Development 

by Jess Teng, Chief Operating Officer of Gamuda Land  

Green builds such as Gamuda Cove are facilitated by sustainable master planning featuring:  

  • Climate-responsive design  
  • Integrated transport  
  • Low energy buildings  
  • Smart features