a vital breakthrough in digitalised construction

Adam Anand Row

Pictured from left to right are Zur Ain Binti Zulkafely, BIM Modeller; Pua Boon Hin, Head of Survey; Tan Wei Hong, BIM Engineer; Nick Morecock, BIM Manager; Tony Joseph, GIS Development Lead; Mohan Naresh, BIM Coordinator; Koay Feng Jin, Site Engineer; and Ikhwan Aizuddin Bin Aziz, Senior Site Engineer the passionate core development team and contributors who worked closely to bring the BIMAR App to life. 


MGKT continues its dominance at the forefront of digitalising construction in Malaysia with the creation of the BIMAR (Building Information Modelling Augmented Reality) App which recently took top honours in the Malaysian Technological Excellence Awards (MTEA) 2020 under the Augmented Reality category.

The brainchild of a dynamic group of visionary leaders within MGKT, BIMAR is a ground-breaking solution for carrying out efficient and accurate site inspections. It was developed completely in-house by a young and innovative team of BIM developers, surveyors and engineers.

It is the first of its kind developed by a Malaysian contractor, enabling site inspections to be carried out easily and in real-time using just the app, installed on a mobile device.

BIMAR revolutionises the field of construction validation, streamlining both the inspection and reporting process, allowing for greater efficiency as well as cost savings. Using AR technology, the BIMAR app creates Virtual 3D overlays of design and construction elements that are superimposed over real-time screen camera capture of the worksite.

Clashes or errors in construction can be spotted instantly, circumventing reworks or repairs which could incur further costs as well as cause delays in a construction schedule. Unlike conventional validation methods which rely on photos, drawings, laser scan point clouds and hardcopy documents, BIMAR offers clear insight and precision at every stage of construction.

Speaking on the success of the BIMAR app, Tony Joseph, the MGKT GIS Development Lead shared, “The benefits that BIMAR brings has won over both our consultants and contractors, greatly minimising errors, while saving time and improving the accuracy of their construction validation during its test implantation for the works on the MRT Putrajaya Line Project.”

Along with various cloud-enabled functions which allow direct reporting from in the field, BIMAR is extremely scalable and can be customised to enable a rapid, large-scale roll-out across mega infrastructure projects with ease.

In a nutshell, BIMAR is an accurate, efficient, cost-saving solution for construction validation that is sure to become a vital and indispensable tool for future projects in line with Industry 4.0 trends.

The team is already looking forward to developing BIMAR 2.0.
If you think you’d like to contribute, get in touch with team lead Tony Joseph, at:

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