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Gamudians band together to
aid flood victims

Yuevern Loh 

The aftermath of the floods were scenes of devastation which made pitiable headlines in the news in December 2021. Gamudians immediately jumped into action and responded with flood relief efforts to help the needy.  

A Group-wide effort across Gamuda Engineering and Gamuda Land, we set out to help in any way we could. Where there were sufficient donations and aid distribution from the public, we focused on providing other assistance such as machinery provisions and medical supports.   

We also partnered with NGO, Crisis Relief Services and Training (CREST), our 2021 Gamuda Inspiration Award (GIA) winner to leverage on their resources and experience in disaster management. In some instances, we were the first support team to arrive in the affected areas.  

Our MGKT colleagues mobilised three response teams to provide plant and machinery support to several affected locations in Hulu Langat. 

Yayasan Gamuda and Gamuda Clinic partnered with CREST to provide essential on-site medical aid and medications for flood victims around Taman Sri Muda and Klang Utama.

The team at twentyfive.7 dispatched Gamuda volunteers to help clean up the affected areas in Shah Alam. 

The twentyfive.7 team also donated electrical items, daily essentials and packed food to the affected residents in Kampung Lombong.

A donation drive was also held at Gamuda Cove and Menara Gamuda for Gamudians to donate daily necessities and food items to SK (A) Bukit Cheding, Jabatan Kemajuan Orang Asli (JAKOA) and residents in Puchong Batu 13.  

Meanwhile, GL Cares prepared warm food and collected donations for four temporary evacuation areas or PPS (Pusat Pemindahan Sementara). Over 6,000 meals were distributed in a span of seven days throughout four locations in Dengkil and Hulu Langat:  

  • PPS Sekolah Agama Bukit Changgang  
  • PPS SK Bukit Changgang  
  • PPS Taman Seri Ehsan Banting 
  • PPS SK Seri Cheding 

Zipped wardrobes were also donated to JAKOA Sepang which was then distributed to about 80 Orang Asli families whose homes were affected by the flood.  

The Gamuda Cove team rounded up 80 volunteers to help with post-flood clean-up of 30 houses in Bukit Changgang, Banting and 15 houses in Hulu Langat. 

During these trying times, it’s heart-warming to see Gamudians coming forward to help those in need.  


The Bandar Botanic team spared no time to roll up their sleeves to remove fallen trees, cleaned up surface roads and disposed flood debris and detritus in affected areas. They also arranged for sewerage specialists from Envitech to facilitate drainage efforts at Ambang Botanic. 

Led by the Gamuda Cove team, essentials such as diapers, canned food and shampoo were among the items donated to the Orang Asli community.

SMART Tunnel in action

When the floods occurred last year, the Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel (SMART) swung into action and diverted five million cubic metres of water (equivalent to almost 2,000 Olympic-size swimming pools) – preventing major floods in Kuala Lumpur.  

SMART Tunnel is a dual-purpose infrastructure that mitigates major floods, thus minimising losses. In fact, the tunnel alone addresses 45% of Klang Valley’s major floods. Without SMART Tunnel, the flood in Klang Valley could’ve been a lot worse based on case studies and socio-economic statistics of floods in Malaysia.  

Mode 4 was activated at 9.15pm on 18 December 2021. 

Within an hour, CCTV footage at 10.03pm on the same day showed high volume of flood water being directed into the tunnel. 

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