CatchING up on ESG

Sheena Wong  

Driven by strong global demand for climate resilience, investors are not only evaluating our financial performance, but also looking for solid environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials.  

As the tide is turning rapidly, companies are pressured to demonstrate how their businesses and operations are anchored by the ESG dimensions.  

Gamuda is aggressively closing this gap through a series of ESG awareness roadshows and data implementation exercises to meet the Group’s commitment – to achieve low carbon by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2040.  

Since January, the Group Sustainability team has been conducting online training with various departments across GE and GL to introduce the ESG concepts and benchmarking indicators. 

The Group-wide training is necessary because we have seen a varying degree of understanding on ESG among Gamudians. Some were very eager to share experience and knowledge, while others were still unaware of what they can do for ESG.  

We must realise that it is not just some departments’ function to fulfil the ESG criteria. There is no productivity if only a few people are involved.  

Everyone in the company plays a role in operationalising ESG. We are all in this together to understand what and why we are doing, and how do we achieve our targets as a Group.  

We have led many good initiatives that can help us score better ESG ratings. We can further enhance our ESG disclosures with more science-based, consistent and quantitative data.  

Participant engagement during the training was really important as they rightly asked the questions: what exactly are our investors looking for, what kind of data should we collect, where do we stand among our competitors and partners, and what is within our control to improve ESG ratings.  


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All these questions were addressed in the training, and participants were especially intrigued to know that our peers and partners also have their ESG ratings, be it better or lower than us. It means the Malaysian industry has been bracing for changes in a good way.  

Beyond the training sessions, it is exciting to know that some teams have quickly established respective working committees to incorporate ESG into their field of work.  

Gamuda’s ESG journey will continue with more training and discussion to guide and empower our people to continuously be at the forefront of change and remain competitive.