July 2022 – Gamuda Rise Newsletter (B)

This Rise issue is a rainbow of celebrations. From the increase in the minimum wage for our workforce to acknowledging Gamudians behind our project wins and accolades in digital construction.

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Gamuda’s presence in the Australian infrastructure market continues to grow with the opening of a new office in Melbourne, Victoria.
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Corporate Governance: A Shared Responsibility

Fighting bribery, combatting corruption and tackling unscrupulous behaviour has always been a challenging path for organisations of the 21st century.
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Teh Tarik with Special Bond

Vivian Ng Mee Cheng, Gamuda Engineering Manager of Administration's journey into the world of autism began four years ago with the addition of Muhammad Zul-Haqim, Admin Assistant of Gamuda Engineering, to her team.
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A Sustainable Beginning for Penang South Islands Fishermen

In our pledge towards a sustainable future, a group of nine fishermen from the south-end of Penang Island became the pioneering batch to be awarded the Certificate of Completion (COC) for the seafarer course offered as part of the Penang South Islands (PSI) project’s Social Impact Management Plan (SIMP).
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Making a Difference Through Volunteering

Reflecting on his more than three decades of volunteering journey, he vividly recalled his first-ever mission to the Penan tribe along the Baram River, Sarawak, in 1990, like it was just yesterday.
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Let’s Go, ESG!

In an effort to promote Gamuda’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework and its Gamuda Green Plan 2025 (GGP 2025), the first Let’s Go ESG event for Gamudians was held at Gamuda Gardens’ Central Park, recently.
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Upward and Forward

It’s a second big win from down under! Gamuda Australia, in partnership with Ferrovial Construction, has been awarded by the New South Wales Government to deliver the AUD$1.35 billion (RM4.1 billion) Coffs Harbour Bypass, which is part of the Pacific Highway upgrade program on the Mid North Coast. The new highway will reduce travel time along Pacific Highway by 12 minutes, bypassing 12 sets of traffic lights. Planning and detailed design works will commence immediately with the Bypass expected to be open to traffic from late 2026 and scheduled to be fully completed in late 2027. 

We look forward to being part of this project that will reshape infrastructure connectivity across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane while boosting economic benefits for generations to come. 

Gamuda Land and Gamuda Gardens Awarded Best New Green & Sustainable Township at malaysiaGBC Leadership in Sustainability Awards 2022

The malaysiaGBC Leadership in Sustainability Awards presented by the Malaysia Green Building Council (malaysiaGBC) showcase and celebrate the achievements of businesses and innovators leading the way on sustainable buildings in Malaysia. This year, the nature-inspired 810 acres Gamuda Gardens is recognised for its ingeniously designed township, clinching the Best New Green & Sustainable Township under the Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance category. 

As with all major townships developed by Gamuda Land, Gamuda Garden is a mindfully-planned effort driven by environmental, social and governance (ESG) dimensions to lead the green transition towards a net-zero future, in line with Gamuda Green Plan 2025 (GGP 2025).  

We are privileged to receive the award from [insert name] at the malaysiaGBC Annual Dinner on 1 July 2022, acknowledging our aspiration to drive sustainability and green building. 


A Toast to The Past, The Present, and The Future

Newly elected GTMC president, Mujana (second row, second from right) and former president, Chris Pang (second row, third from right) with GTMC members at the Awards Night.  

The Gamuda Toastmasters Club (GTMC) recently celebrated the end of its ninth year with GTMC’s Awards Night, the first physical event of the term. The club recognised its outgoing president Chris Pang, Gamuda Land Business Development Executive, for his contributions to the club, including continuing the club’s 4-year streak as part of the President’s Distinguished status, the highest honour in the Toastmasters organisation. 

Formed in 2013, GTMC aims to build one’s confidence and become a better speaker and listener through a supportive environment. The newly elected GTMC President, Mujana, Gamuda Geo Site Engineer, hopes to continue her predecessors’ effort in ensuring GTMC members meet and exceed their speaking and leadership goals while having fun in the process.  

To join GTMC, kindly contact: 

  • Mujana (President) @ 014-269 0832 
  • Ivan Yeh (Vice President of Membership) @ 012-522 5380 
Gamuda Clinic Sungai Besi Opens to Gamudians

Operating Hours: 
Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM 
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM 
Sunday: Closed 

(Consultation after stipulated operating hours will be charged up to 50% above the usual rate) 


Gamuda Clinic Sg Besi has recently opened its doors to all Gamudians. Located at Lot 507 (Ground Floor) Jalan 3 off Jalan Sungai Besi, 55200 Kuala Lumpur, the clinic is within a 15-minute walk from the Chan Sow Lin LRT station. The first-ever Gamuda Clinic provides medical care and services exclusively for Gamuda employees at a lower cost. The consultation fees range from RM10 to RM30, with additional charges for examination and medication.  

A second Gamuda Clinic branch, currently undergoing construction works, will soon be opened in Damansara Perdana. Stay tuned for more updates!

Medical Care & Services: 
General consultation • Vaccination • Fomema/government required screening • Infectious disease screening • OHD basic health screening • Ultrasound studies • Wound management • ECG screening • Wound management • General skin care • Elderly care • Health education • Chronic illness care • Laboratory tests • Emergency services • Minor surgery • Antenatal care

Penang Wraps Up Public Display of EIA Report for Penang South Islands

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposed reclamation works of the Penang South Islands (PSI) was on public display from May 20 until June 18.   

The EIA public display served as an avenue for the public to view the proposed mitigation measures and ecology offset programmes in minimising the impact of reclamation and provide their feedback accordingly. 

The EIA report can be viewed online at https://bit.ly/39cRzys 

Visit https://bit.ly/39a8LF8 to submit written comments on the EIA report by July 3.

Penang Launches Penang South Islands Roadshow

The Penang State Government, supported by the Gamuda Bhd-led SRS Consortium, has kickstarted a state-wide roadshow at 16 locations to create awareness and provide information to the public regarding the Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP) and Penang South Islands (PSI).  

Drop by at our booth from now until Nov 20 in Penang. 

Visit https://www.facebook.com/picptmp for the roadshow schedule which will be updated on a monthly basis. 

Star Global Hearts Award Open for Nomination

The Star Global Hearts Award (SGHA) is back for the eighth year with bigger recognition and cash award to honour unsung heroes who are innovative, exemplify best practices and deliver sustainable benefits to society.  

This year, the accolades will be presented to three individual winners and seven organisation winners. Individual and organisation winners will each receive a greater cash award of RM8,000 and RM10,000, respectively. The top 10 winners will also be eligible to be awarded the coveted Gamuda Inspiration Award (GIA), with an additional grant of RM50,000. 

Visit www.sgha.com.my to nominate eligible individuals and organisations from now until July 31. 

Ready to Recycle your Electronic Waste (E-Waste) for a better world?

E-waste can take thousands of years to decompose, resulting in long-lasting effects on the environment. Recycling your E-Waste saves landfill space and prevents environmental pollution caused by toxic chemicals. It also allows the recovery of high-value components (gold, copper and iron) to achieve material circularity and conserve important resources. Drop off your E-Waste at the permanent E-Waste Bin located at Level B5 (Basement 5), Menara Gamuda.   

What can go in the E-Waste Bin?
Laptop, tablet, keyboard, mouse, handphone and cables, remote control, PC circuit board, calculator, camera, hard disk, CD-ROM drive (portable), DVD/CD player, PC speaker, toaster, water heater, telephone, hair dryer 

What can’t go in the E-Waste Bin?
Light bulbs, batteries and other electrical devices* 

*To dispose of bigger E-Waste items such as monitors, TV and radio, kindly contact: 

  • Admin: Khairuddin bin Abdul Aziz @ 012-241 0612
  • QSHE: Mohd Hamizan bin Mohd Noh @ 013-3583 507

Extreme Space Facts 

Fastest Planet 

True to its namesake (the speedy messenger of ancient Roman gods), Mercury is the fastest planet in our solar system. It zips around our Sun at an average of 172,000 kilometres per hour — about 65,000 kph faster than Earth. A year on Mercury is equal to 88 Earth days.  

Forget the socks, bring a hat 

If you could stand at the Martian equator, the temperature at your feet would be like a warm spring day, but at your head, it would be freezing cold! 

Tiny, very tiny

The radio signal a spacecraft uses to contact Earth has no more power than a refrigerator light bulb and by the time the signal has travelled across space, the signal is only one-billionth of one-billionth of one watt! 

Sizzling Venus 

The average temperature on Venus is more than 480 degrees Celsius — hotter than a self-cleaning oven. 

It’s a small world after all

More than 1,300 Earths would fit into Jupiter’s vast sphere. 

Gamuda Green Plan

As a Group, we pledge to conduct our business in a sustainable manner by tackling climate change and establishing limits to our carbon emissions.

Need a refresher on Gamuda Green Plan? 

Click on the pillars.

Sustainable Planning and Design, and Circular Construction
Our Community and Our Business
Environmental and Biodiversity Conservation
Enhancing Sustainability via Digitalisation