MBAM OneBuild and ICW BuildXpo 2023: Spotlight on Innovative Technologies

Justin Chin (managing director of Gamuda Engineering); John Lim (group chief digital officer of Gamuda); Lim Hui Yan (executive director of Gamuda Engineering); Jess Teng (chief operating office of Gamuda Land); and Lam Siew Chee (executive director of Gamuda Land) with Gamuda Engineering and Gamuda Land teams orchestrating a seamless experience at our booth, ensuring every detail shines  at the MBAM OneBuild 2023.

In the realm of digital construction, we have consistently demonstrated our commitment to advancing the nation’s infrastructure industry through partnerships with Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) and Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB).

At the recent MBAM OneBuild and ICW BuildXpo 2023, our participation in the exhibitions went beyond a symbolic show of support; it extended to exploring technologies that highlight our pioneering role in engineering advancements. 

Gamuda has been a key partner that echoes MBAM’s strategic vision in advancing Malaysia’s construction industry. Through our years of mutual collaboration, we have been fostering sustainable practices towards a future defined by excellence and resilience. This, in turn, has positively driven continuous transformation in the Malaysian economy.

The inaugural BuildXpo 2023, has gathered over 200 exhibition booths from over 50 companies. With Gamuda's participation, the event has been enriched by its digital innovations that fostered discussions among local and international industry players in digitising the construction industry.

Introducing the Team Behind Our Innovative Exhibition Showcase

Augmented Reality Experience

The collaborative efforts of Gamuda Excellence Transformation (GET), Project Management Unit (PMU) and the Marketing team resulted in the creation of the Gamuda Cove Masterplan Augmented Reality (AR) Experience, unveiling a new dimension of Gamuda Cove through AR technology. This user-friendly app turns a small table into a dynamic showcase, displaying infrastructure overlays and captivating animations. Livestreamed for public viewing on a large screen, the app invites up-close interaction with tablets, providing an immersive journey into 3D models and interactive information.

The inspiration to develop the AR Experience came when the GET team wanted to extend the capabilities of BIMAR to the masses by showcasing Gamuda Land’s townships.

Discussions with PMU and the Marketing team ideated a marketing tool that makes a more interactive customer experience. In under four months before  MBAM OneBuild 2023, a six-member team led by Josiah Yang, a software developer engineer, including a senior architect, managers and intern developed the application.

While PMU crafted 3D building representations, marketing provided relevant information for Gamuda Cove, and the GET team created the AR app capable of displaying architectural models in AR.

Development took place in the Gamuda Innovation Hub, where the software development team received feedback from like-minded individuals passionate about breaking new grounds and digitalisation.

“The collaboration between PMU, Marketing and GET was truly remarkable, seamlessly transforming the concept of the AR table into a reality—an experience that showcased effective teamwork leads to creative solutions," said Josiah Yang.

“The innovative app not only enhances physical scale models but also seamlessly integrates AR, creating a captivating experience,” he added.

Highlighting Gamuda Cove’s commercial area, the current AR Experience serves as a compelling preview of what’s to come.

Looking ahead, Josiah expressed the team’s vision is to expand these AR Experience to the Gamuda Cove Sales Gallery and other Gamuda Gardens projects. As Josiah emphasised, the goal is to go beyond conventional approaches when it comes to real estate presentations.

Next-Gen Digital Industrialised Building System

Another major display that we showcased was the efficiency of producing Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) units, which reduce construction time and textured walls in vibrant colours.

The stackable PPVC units and pre-textured facade walls streamline the building process, showcased through physical samples for a hands-on experience.


"Our Industrialised Building System (IBS) team pushed boundaries by mounting textured walls on the PPVC unit to transcend space limitations. This move allowed attendees to interact with and appreciate the textures of real-life walls, showcasing the immense potential of Digital IBS walls. The collaborative design and fabrication process turned a challenge into a remarkable opportunity to spotlight our commitment to cutting-edge technologies." said Abang Ibrahim bin Abdul Rahman, senior manager of Gamuda IBS.

TBM Simulator

The TBM Simulator showcases the complicities and advantages of operating the autonomous Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM). Utilising a scaled-down model of TBM, users experienced the challenges of precise control while highlighting how the autonomous TBM programme enhances ease and safety through automated manual operations. The device elucidates the machine’s intricacies, emphasising the extensive information operators must monitor during prolonged hours, reducing the risk of human error.