GEMS: A Shining Example of Teamwork and Innovation

Imagine launching a new Human Resources platform that covers four countries with Singapore in progress now, in one go. The launch of GEMS was a monumental achievement that took a year of hard work, coordination, problem-solving across borders and cultures.

Having operated through GES, an on-premise system for 9 years, we recognised that adapting to the evolving business environment and our international growth necessitated a more resilient system with seamless integration capabilities, thus driving the decision to migrate to GEMS, a cloud-based system with mobile app capability. 

Why this move? 

  • GEMS improved employee experience and engagement, supported business growth and provided global access and transparency. 
  • GEMS streamlined data management, facilitating insights into our workforce and talents. Its mobile accessibility enhanced productivity by enabling on-the-go access to crucial information. 
  • GEMS stayed current with updates and custom features, adapting to evolving business needs in a flexible manner. 

“GEMS’ success stems from four-country collaboration, facing challenges head-on. With a 90% adoption rate, it fostered a sense of unity among employees,” said Winnie Wong, head of HRIS.

A recent GEMS survey found that

  • 69% of respondents felt GEMS is easy to navigate and allows quicker access to real-time information anytime, anywhere.
  • GEMS offers an improved system interface, accessible both via desktop and mobile app.
  • GEMS’ useful features include on-the-go leave application, training enrolment via mobile app and easy access to anyone across the Group using the organisation chart function.

Using GEMS, employees felt more engaged and empowered, as it made global collaboration feel like a close-knit family. The team behind GEMS is not stopping at this milestone.

They have a two-year roadmap to further improve their HR platform, with plans to enhance mobile user experience, improve data visibility for managers, integrate more HR technologies, and strengthen data security.

Their continuous improvement mindset ensures that HR stays aligned with business needs, driving progress and success in the fast-paced business world. As they continue to refine their HR platform, they are ready to take on even bigger challenges and opportunities in the future. 

Gamudian’s experiences as they share their thoughts on using GEMS: